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This year there are some great value holidays on offer with great Holiday Advice from Traveltime. In some cases to use that hackneyed phrase ‘ we have never had it so good’. Well in the case of holidays this may well be true. The economic troubles of countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal are well documented.. Their tourist industry has suffered along with everything else and as a result they are keen to encourage more visitors. So there are some exceptional offers available. The recovery of the pound against the Euro has also helped. At the present time a pound will buy you almost 20% more in Europe than it would a year ago.

‘Only a fool confuses value and price’

Of course in difficult times we all like to make our money go further and seek out that extra value. It is equally true that often for a few pounds more you can vastly improve your holiday. When you buy the cheapest holiday, in general you will get a worse holiday than if you pay more.

Getting better value

If, for example, you pay £500 for a holiday in Europe much of the price will be taken in getting you there. Very little of what you pay will go towards the accommodation. If you pay £600 for your holiday, the flight costs stay the same, so the extra £100 will go towards your accommodation. So a 20% increase in what you pay for your holiday overall could add 40% to what you pay for your hotel. So those extra pounds really can make a big difference to your holiday enjoyment and bring you better value.

How do I know the difference between good value and under or over priced?

There is of course no simple answer. Holiday Advice from Traveltime experienced Travel Consultants  can though help you get beneath the glossy brochures and silky prose to find you what you really will value. We are independent and unbiased, so can offer you good advice and simplify the whole process of finding your perfect holiday at a fair price.


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