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Traveltime’s Favourite beaches

There are many thousands of beaches throughout the world, so we asked our consultants for their favourites. Here are their choices for you:

No need to travel very far to enjoy good beaches. The coasts of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy have more than enough. Our favourites though are Olu Deniz in Turkey with its long swathe of golden sands and the small beaches and coves of the Greek Islands with their crystal clear waters.

A long way to travel but worth it!. Bondi Beach, Sydney is probably the most famous Australian beach, but others not to be missed are Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and the Whitsunday Islands.

The Caribbean has so many beaches it is almost impossible to choose a favourite. Antigua boasts a beach for every day of the year and Bahamas have beaches with pink sand! If you want to escape the crowds try British Virgin Islands with beaches like The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

East, West, North, South there are beaches in abundance. Our favourite in Florida is St Petersburg. No visit to Brazil would be complete without seeing Copacabana with its views of Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. Locals will though tell you they prefer nearby Ipanema and Leblon.

Indian Ocean
Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives all have beaches to die for with miles of white, feathery sand and clear blue seas. Less well known is Zanzibar, with miles of stunning, untouched, palm fringed beaches still waiting to be discovered.



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