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Simple rules to protect what you spend on your holiday

It is difficult to summarise simply all of the regulations and risks, so if in doubt speak to one of our travel consultants.

Holidays are enjoyable and we do not want to be killjoys by talking about all of the bad things that might happen when you book a holiday. In recent years, however, the failure of airlines, hotels and holiday companies has meant that many would-be holidaymakers have had their holidays ruined and lost considerable amounts of money. More worryingly due to the complexity of regulations most people believe when they book a holiday that their money is safe …and yet every year many thousands still are not covered and lose their money. It is easy to protect yourself by following a few simple rules.

Make sure your travel agent is a member of ABTA.

In order to be allowed to be a member of ABTA a company needs to have £50,000 share capital. There are non ABTA agents that have been started with as little £100. All members of ABTA need to provide a bond to protect client’s holiday money (ours is more than £100,000). Book your holiday with Traveltime and, as we are a fully bonded member of ABTA, your money is safe.

Make sure you know if your holiday is fully protected.

Did you know, for example, that if you book flights and accommodation separately you could lose your money if either goes out of business? We have produced a simplified guide to safeguarding your holiday on our web site at

Risks of ‘doing it yourself’

If you consider making independent holiday arrangements there are a number of factors that you should take into account. If you book a flight and hotel separately with different companies (this includes ‘click throughs’ from airline web sites) if one element is not available you will still be liable to pay for the other. So if there is volcanic ash or a strike and you cannot get to your hotel, you could lose your money.

ATOL cover – keeps your money safe

If you book a holiday covered by an ATOL, not only will your money be covered, but your holiday company will be the one that spends time making alternative arrangements if things go wrong – not you.

If in doubt ask one of our experienced travel consultants.


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