Ship visit – Celebrity Silhouette 5*

By Tracey

Launched in 2011 Celebrity Silhouette is a Solstice-class cruise ship with a capacity of 2,886 passengers and with 1500 crew. I was lucky enough to be able to attend a ship visit on this lovely ship. On our walk to embarkation it was immediately apparent the size of this stunning ship.

After the usual security checks and our passes being allocated, we were shown round some of the different cabin types. I was truly amazed at some of the sizes of the suites – so big you could have invited many of the other guests over for a private dinner. Some even included there own private hot tub on the extended balcony. Real Luxury. As well as the cabins we were shown most of the public areas, including the pools, theatre, bars, restaurants. On such a big ship there are many areas to relax and enjoy the ambience. One of my favourite areas was on the top deck where you play croquet or bowls, or hire a private section for dining. I have been lucky enough to do this one evening whilst at sea. It is a special experience – dining on top deck in the middle of the ocean.

Another of my favourite places was one of the speciality dining restaurants called the Petit Chef. Le Petit Chef is an animated character who appears beside your plate and prepares each course you’ll be enjoying right in front of you, before you’re served the actual dish. It’s an immersive, mind-blowing fusion of entertainment and dining like nothing I have experienced before. We then had an amazing three course lunch in the main restaurant. The food was outstanding and the wine was first class.

All in all this is an amazing 5* ship which I would highly recommend for families and couples and couples alike.

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