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Save the planet … and your money

Global warming, climate change, CO2 emissions are increasingly in the news. Tourism itself can be responsible for destroying the very places that we visit. In response to these ever growing concerns Traveltime is working with holiday companies that are committed to protecting the environment and working responsibly to ensure that tourism does not destroy places visited by putting investment back into local communities.

Holidays by rail do help save the environment. A rail journey to Paris or Brussels for example generates a fraction of the CO2 generated by flying. Not only is rail travel more responsible, but also in many cases it is now as quick and as cheap. Train travel avoids the stress of airports and you see the countryside en route. On a train the journey really can be an enjoyable part of your holiday experience.

Here are a couple of examples of rail holidays for Summer 2011 that really are excellent value:

6 days in the Dordogne, France from £578 including rail travel, 5 nights half board accommodation, excursions and boat trip.

5 days visiting the Gardens of the Rhine from £395 including rail travel, 4 nights half board accommodation, excursions and visit to National Garden Show.





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