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I caught Kenyaitis when I visited Kenya!!!


Well what can I say I have officially got the disease called “Kenyaitis” I was warned about this when I visited.  They call it this because once you have been you will want to return.

I went out there in September this year and although this was my 2nd trip was just so excited in returning again.

We arrived in the North of Mombasa after travelling overnight with Kenya Airways and was transferred to the Travellers club and hotel in Bamburi Beach.

Hotel first impressions were very nice clean, welcoming and were shown to the room.  The room had a double bed and a single in it and over looked the pool area and also could see the beach from the balcony. Bathroom had a bath shower loads of space hairdryer etc and lots of hot water.

The food the hotel was great and will say that everyone was catered for, so no one went hungry.   Breakfasts were to die for, everything you could think of, and they even made your omelettes and waffles while you wait!!  All served buffet style so could have as much as you wanted!!!,  not good for anyone watching the waistline though!!!!

The pools were great, just at the right temperature and there was also a children’s pool and a quiet end of the hotel for the more reserved amongst you.  The main pool was large with a swim up bar in the middle which was great and was never ever crowded even though the hotel was busy.  There was always plenty of sun beds scattered around for your use.

The animation team put on a good show and there was always plenty to do for the more energetic amongst you like Beach Volley ball, pool volley ball, water polo, water aerobics   or just sleep and sunbath if you wished to do that.  The sun is always hot.

Evening entertainment was put on each night in the the hotel  and this varied from Masai Dancers to fantastic acrobatic shows to reptile shows etc.

The beach itself was a vast expanse of white soft powdery sand and the sea was just so, so warm like a bath, and just a pleasure to be in.  Yes, there are beach boys but they are not that bad and once you have established who is the boss they will leave you alone and to be honest, they are really great to talk to and very helpful.

A safari was booked for the middle of the first week and this was arranged privately before I went with a private tour company that was recommended to me, but can be arranged with a tour operator as an organised group or even through the beach boys on the beach, but I would only use recommended ones.

I chose Tsavo East and West this time, I will be honest that it was not as nice as the Masai Mara which I visited last time but there was still so much to see.

Before I go any further, I will say wherever you choose to go there is a fair amount of travelling to do by road, (if you can call them roads, more like dirt tracks although you do see some tarmac sometimes !!!) but it does give you the chance to see some of the cultural life as you pass through villages, towns etc.  If you can afford to do the Flying safaris, this is where you fly to a landing strip near your preferred safari destination, then this is highly recommended as cuts out lots of travelling time.

Awesome, is the only word I can describe seeing these animals up close and personal, so to speak, and to see your first lion in the wild is truly a very moving and emotional experience (well was for me anyway!) just wild and literally “Born Free”

Giraffes run freely alongside Elephants, Zebras, Buffalo, Wildebeast, Hyenas, etc.  You just have to see it to believe it and no matter how many times you do a safari there will always be something different to look at.

Lion in Kenya

The lodges we stayed in were spectacular to say the least and in particular Salt Lick Lodge, which was built on stilts so to speak and you have all the elephants coming around, underneath you etc to the watering holes through the day and night, and a sight not to be missed.  These lodges are comfortable, great food and to be quite honest after a days safari all you want is your bed as you are so tired!!!

We also stayed at Ngulia Lodge and the highlight of this one is that they put food out for the leopards at night and you can come and watch them feed, totally awesome experience once again.

We stopped and had lunch at a lodge called “Voi” and this lodge has the most spectacular views all over.

So you see the choice is amazing and there are loads of these to choose from  the biggest decision is which one to choose.

My choice has already been made and I am returning next year and this time I will be giving a bit back to the community by helping out in some local orphanages, which I know is going to be a very heart rendering but rewarding experience, for which I can’t wait

Don’t forget Kenya this is a 3rd world country and is very poor but despite that they are so so happy with no cares in the world and would do anything for you.  I made friends with loads of them and know that when I go back (which will be next year) they will be there waiting with a beaming smile and Karibu (Welcome) and it will be like going home!!


Bio: Nicki is a travel consultant at Traveltime Watlington. You can talk to Nicki about Kenya and other holidays on 01491 614614


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