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How men can earn brownie points with their loved ones.

There are times when all men need to earn a few brownie points with their other halves! I was offered some advice by a good friend of mine which I thought was most helpful. He was taking his family for a half term short break to Istanbul. The expert local guide who took him and his family to Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque, Cisterns, monasteries, boats on the Bosphorus and saved them from the charms of the pearl sellers in the Grand Bazaar. His daughters tested the spa facilities at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet and thought the Turkish Baths were pretty good and excellent preparation for ‘shopping with Daddy. His son (10) was quite keen to try the spa too, but was terrified of the naked German ladies who surprised him in his swimming trunks! As for his beloved long-suffering wife….the high point was a romantic child-free dinner on an island in the Bosphorus. He had briefed his Concierge to find venue that would help to remind his wife how lucky she was to have him as her husband (not easy in itself!), somewhere not too trendy – that might make him look middle-aged, not too expensive – that might make him look impoverished… The chosen restaurant was perfect and the private boat transfers very slick. As a result I believe his wife still loves him!

If you need brownie points do contact our team for advice on tailor-made family holidays similar to the adventures above. We have recent personal experience of New York, Venice, Egypt and Istanbul – but with the help of other colleagues who have taken their children away, we can offer expert advice on a very broad range of destinations. So do not take a chance and speak to our team.


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