Jacqui - Beaconsfield

Jacqui has worked in travel for almost 30 years. After completing her college course in travel and tourism she began her career as a resort representative working in the Canary Islands, Cyprus and Crete.

She has been a retail travel manager now for 25 years and has travelled extensively world wide, visiting the USA, Canada, Mauritius and the Seychelles, the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya, Russia, Greek Islands, Sardinia, Spain and her islands (Balearics and Canaries) and much of mainland Europe.

Most recently becoming a Latin American Specialist Jacqui has had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica on a couple of occasions and also Peru, including the Peruvian Amazon.

Latin America is now at the top of her ‘to do’ list and is hoping to visit more countries in order to broaden her knowledge and experience.’ My passion is travel and that means anywhere at all in the world! My suitcase is always packed..’

Jacqui is a destination specialist for Latin America and Australia & New Zealand.

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